our #canyoutopthis project it's a vanity!

I made up my mind, and I let my sister help me with this project.  It was nice to get away from so many brothers for a while.  We did a vanity, we finally have something girlie in our room.  This is how we made it:
we bought a mirror
an Elmer's tri fold poster board and Elmer's all porpuse glue
and so so many pretty girl stickers

We got home and mommy and daddy said we could use the family room in private, we were so happy.
 1st we unglued the mirror from the frame, and glued it on the middle of the poster board
 then we spread the stickers all over the board so we could find where we wanted them.
 then we began sticking the butterflies and flowers, we also put Elmer's glue on the sticky side of the stickers so we could make sure they were stuck on better.
 we thought it looked to white, so we got creative and painted the corners and top,

we even added our favorite sticker above the mirror.  It's says little Princess.

 like it?  we were so happy with the way it came out!

tadahhhhh our finished project in our room!!!!!!!!!!


For this project we used Elmer's trifold board, Elmer's all purpose glue, a $5 mirror, stickers, and our imagination.  This is our entry for the Elmer's can you top this project.  #canyoutopthis 


  1. Great job on your vanity! I loved the colors you used and the stickers. Thanks so much for participating and good luck :)

  2. Who doesn't love a vanity? Heck, I may make one for myself. Love this. Good luck.