#canyoutopthis we made a chimminey!

we used elmer's spray glue, elmer's glue dots, elmer's triple fold board.  We were able to make a chimminey for our house.
we painted white lines and after they dried, we painted a black hole.
after it dried we painted the fire, added glitter and used glue dots to stick the mantle and cards
we rolled up brown paper for logs
our finished art:

MY sister and I entered this art so we can have a chance to win a giftcard from Elmer's for the can you top this? contest.


  1. Love this! Great job, you guys! I tweeted it out....:)

  2. you girls did a wonderful job! wow! Grandma is so proud of you two, I hope I was there to see it.

  3. great job! Congratulations on your win, thanks for entering