Do you have a lot of friends?

I don't.  I try to make friends, but everywhere we have lived I always feel like I don't belong.  Kids are mean to me and my brothers and sister.  They call us names, or hit us.  We have never been allowed to play outside like them.  with no parents outside, so they do a lot of things that are bad since no one is watching them.  Anytime we are allowed to play outside, we have to be watched by a parent and so we don't do bad things like them, so they say we aren't cool.

I don't mind not being able to play without my mom watching us, where we used to live 2 kids went missing and I think it's because their parents weren't watching them.  I feel safe that my mom watches us so closely.  I don't have to be afraid of being taken by a stranger.  Sometimes though, I have wanted to play outside when she wasn't watching us, because i like to climb on the trees and play football with the boys, but now that I'm older I am happy that she watches us like that.  I am now in a football team, and I love it.  yes, I'm a girl and in a football team, and I can play just as hard as the boys do.  I can't wait until the basketball season starts because last year we were undefeated and won the championships.  that was so cool!

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