my mean teacher :(

I am a part of a group of kids who are in 5th grade, but got to be in a combined 5th and 6th grade class because there was no room for us anywhere else.  I was so excited.  I was going to be able to be a part of all the 6th grade activities.  At the begining of the year a few kids complained about our teacher being mean, I told my mommy and she said that almost every kids says the same thing.  She told me that if things ever got bad, to make  sure I told someone. 

Our teacher kept being mean, but none of us kids wanted to tell and get in trouble.  so she kept being very mean to us, she screamed t us very loudly, and snatched things from us.  Finally one day we had a substitute teacher and she asked why we looked scared.  One kid told her that we were scared to be screamed at. 
The next day our teacher was back.  She was just as mean.  2 days later the substitute teacher was back.  The principal came in and told us a lot of things.  She told us that the substitute teacher had secretly left a video camera turned on at the computer and that she saw and heard how our teacher treated us.  She took the video to the principal and to the district.  Our teacher got in trouble and we had a substitute teacher for 2 months.  it was great.  The principal told us that the teacher was going through a divorce and that's why she was so upset.

my mom felt so bad, but it wasn't her fault.  I didn't want to tell her because I didn't want to get in trouble by the teacher.  now I know that even if I get in trouble I have to tell someone if I am treated wrong.  I hope that you tell someone if you are treated wrong.

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